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"The '60s are gone, dope will never be as cheap, sex never as free, and the rock and roll never as great."

“Man wishes to be confirmed in his being by man, and wishes to have a presence in the being of the other…
Secretly and bashfully he watches for a YES which allows him to be and which can come to him only from one human person to another.”

—   Martin Buber, I and Thou
I. Will. Come. Back

Photo by Clive Arrowsmith, 1974.


Photo by Clive Arrowsmith, 1974.

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New York And London Double-Exposed!

Today we’re spotlighting the work of photographer Daniella Zalcman, whose stunning New York + London series of superimposed photos takes Instagram images to a new level. Navigating between travel and art photography, Zalcman documented her major transnational relocation to London from New York with this set of overlapping photographs of both cities. Her meticulous compositions produce synergy and dissonance in the same frame, heightening their visual contrast and strong atmospheric presence. Click through to see more!


Sintra Coastline | Portugal (by Paulo Felício)
Four Rooms (1995)

Four Rooms (1995)

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Peacock Gate at City Palace, Jaipur in India


Duane Michals, The Spirit Leaves the Body, 1968

“People think being alone makes you lonely, but I don’t think that’s true. Being surrounded by the wrong people is the loneliest thing in the world.”
Kim Culbertson, The Liberation of Max McTrue


Keith Haring’s 24th birthday diary entry

It’s May 4th, 1982, and Keith Haring is sitting in an airport in Brussels waiting to return to his home in New York. He has just turned 24 years old. “It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything down,” he writes. “In one year my art has taken me to Europe and propelled me into a kind of lime-light…in some ways it is the situation I always wanted or always dreamed of.” So much has happened and now he’s trying to process what he’s supposed to do with his success. He’s trying to keep things in perspective, “Knowing that is up to me what happens next (and knowing what when it is out of my hands).”

The one thing (and in the end it was always the only thing) that I have control of is what comes out of me and into the world. It is hard to control the thing once it has come out and entered the world. But only I can bring it into the world. The world doesn’t want these things and doesn’t need these things, but when they are here, they are here. The importance of these things all comes from what other people in the world do with these things…

…Today I am 24 years old. 24 years is not a very long time, and then again it is enough time. I have added many things to the world. The world is this thing around me that I made for myself and I see for myself. The world will, however go on without me being there to see it, it just won’t be “my” world. That is what interests me most about the situation I am in now. I am making things in the world that won’t go away when I do. If this “success” had not happened then maybe the world would not know these things after I go away. But now I know, as I am making these things, that they are “real” things, maybe more “real” than me, because they will stay here when I go.

…In the situation I am in now… I am not… making things and waiting for the world to have them. The world is waiting to have them. At 24, that is maybe a funny feeling…

The world is waiting for the things and I am the only one who can bring them these things. There is a kind of freedom in that. There is also a kind of hysteria in that, but it depends how you see the world. I only think that I want to be the one who makes the “things.” I don’t know what I want the world to be. But only I can make these “things.” These things that are called the works of Keith Haring.

Read more of the entry on the Keith Haring Foundation’s excellent tumblr, Keith Haring: 1978-1982 Journals.

(You can also buy the journals in paperback.)